scholar, teacher, servant leader

scholar, n. /ˈskɑlər/
1. one who is taught in school*
2. one who studies, systematically, a subject of interest; one who likes studying, systematically, a subject of interest; studies the subject of interest in order to make a contribution in the study of that field

teacher, n. /ˈtitʃər/
1. one whose function is to give instruction, especially in school*
2. an individual who instructs others in an effort to help those others learn things: skills, attitudes, beliefs, information, etc

servant leader, n.  /ˈsəːvənt ˈlidər/
1. a reorientation to leadership wherein the leader comes last; is promoted so that s/he can serve more, does what is good for the group rather than the self, hires employees so that they can succeed, creates an appreciative workplace+
2. a person who leads by example, whose goal is to serve others as they serve the goals of an organization; working together and with rather than above and separately; having empathy for those you serve and recognizing the power relationship that exists between you; openness to critical reflection and evaluation; making decisions in the interest of the team and the organization instead of yourself

* cited from the Oxford English Dictionary
+ taken from the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership as envisioned by the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses