Naitnaphit Limlamai, PhD is an Assistant Professor of English Education at Colorado State University where she teaches and studies secondary English teacher preparation and how that work manifests justice. Specifically, she investigates how justice is defined, constructed, and enacted in secondary English methods classes and how those ideas travel from university preparation course work to student teaching classrooms. Her additional interests include how writers develop as such, collaboration, and antiracist organizational change. Naitnaphit’s research shapes her work with secondary English teachers and her teaching of secondary English methods courses.

Naitnaphit is also a Fellow in the 2022-2024 cohort of NCTE’s Cultivating New Voices Among Scholars of Color Fellowship Program. She has worked as an editorial assistant for Research in the Teaching of English, and served as the diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity chair of the Michigan Council of Teachers of English. She is currently a co-chair for the Mentorship Committee of the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of NCTE (ALAN) and a committee member of NCTE’s College Section Nomination Committee. Before earning her doctorate, Naitnaphit taught high school English for 13 years in public and private schools in Florida, Georgia, and New York.

Naitnaphit grew up in Southern California and earned her BA from the Lynch School of Education and Human Development at Boston College. She completed the Alliance for Catholic Education program and taught high school English and French to earn her M. Ed from the University of Notre Dame. She earned her doctorate degree from the Joint Program in English and Education at the University of Michigan.