2018-04-13 Digital Series


In the Winter 2018 (Jan-Apr) term I took Melanie Yergeau’s digital rhetorics class. I was unsure what to expect, but excited because a) my program mates rave about her and b) I figured I should have thought about digital rhetoric before I finish my doctoral coursework.

Within the first two weeks we attempted to define the words that make up the name of our class: “digital” and “rhetorics” and I have continually thought about these terms throughout the course. Other questions have materialized as well, mostly around power, access, and identity. I present here my thinking about these lingering questions.

Although the content of this work is not directly tied to my ongoing research regarding teacher thinking, it does intersect in considerations of how we think: how do we think about the digital and how do we think about our identities in the digital. This is a personal project where most of my interviewees are family, friends, friends of friends, and former students. I’m trying out storytelling here as well in an attempt to offer a story about a research topic of interest.

Within this project you’ll find a series of chapters in the form of short videos and video essays. You need not watch in any particular order or all of them at once: you can choose to experience the fragmentation of our sometimes-online and offline lives and the rhizomatic networks of them as well.

Thanks for visiting. Happy reading.

Please follow the links below for the chapters:


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